Why should you choose Windows Reseller Hosting for your business?

Reseller hosting is the most cost-effective solution if you want to establish your business online in low investment and with quality features, then the windows reseller hosting is for you.

The best thing with windows reseller hosting is you get advanced features with unlimited advantages including no maintenance cost, systematic management, and intent technical support at a cheap price. Instead you can select a windows reseller hosting provider for better results and services.

To know the real benefits of having Windows Reseller Hosting then you should have some basic knowledge about what windows reseller hosting is, and Why should you choose Windows Reseller Hosting for your business.

What is Windows Reseller Hosting

Window reseller hosting is a type of Web hosting by which we can have more sustainable hard disk space and bandwidth which could further resell into sub-packages or custom packages to our clients from main hosting packages.

In simple words, it’s more like to take an agency and distribute your services to individual customers.

It typically includes the Billing and Hosting management software where you can create further smaller sub-packages or bill fragments and resell it to your customers for the purpose of making additional profit.

But how to make the sub-packages from the main hosting package let’s look at it.

All reseller hosting packages have parallel Plesk installed within it. Plesk allows you to have complete administrative control over Reseller hosting packages and also provides the independency to your customers to manage their individual Hosting packages on their own, throughout their customer Plesk panel.

 Why Choose Windows Reseller Hosting?

Windows Reseller hosting plan involves the hosting of the web servers on windows based operating systems. A reseller always has the choice of switching the web hosting plan on Windows operating systems.

But there are some following key features that make windows a productive choice and provide more opportunities than on window based web hosting plans.

Less Expensive

After having web reseller hosting plans on the windows platform, it provides you the similar features as you get by having a dedicated server on Windows platform which may heavily cost you.

Hence it is an economical benefit for us to switch over to a windows based platform.

Offer Additional Income 

The unique feature of the windows based system is that non allocated reseller space can be sold at your websites which is additional money we can make.

Require less maintenance

Another advantage to choose over windows based systems is that by the facility of leveraging the technical support department it is easy to handle complicated server issues you may face with no additional cost since it is offered to you by reseller hosting packages.

Systematic Managed

Along with the cheap windows reseller hosting plans for windows OS, you are able to manage website services yourself without any specific technical support.

Window Reseller Hosting features

Let’s have a look at its following features. It will help you to have an answer to why you choose it.

Online Control Panel

As we know that Plesk by Parallel which is a web-based control panel allows us to have complete control over the account of web hosting which you purchase. The web-based control panel gives you remote access to your servers.

Host Multiple domains

It provides you the facility to host multiple domains, subdomains, and co-domains. It uses domain aliases and makes your site redirector in all single web hosting plans, no need for additional services required to the management of domains. Your Online control panel is sufficient for you to provide such features.

DNS Management

 The web-based control panel allows us to Locate the domain name point on the internet by adding, editing, or deleting MX records, records, CNAME records, and records like NS, TXT, SRV, etc. just on your web-based Control panel.

Multiple Database Support

 It helps you to create and use multiple databases with these hosting plans which include Microsoft SQL, My SQL, Access Database with ODBC connectivity.

Best Windows Reseller packages

The Best Windows Reseller packages plan just for you, by the most trusted tech brand of India – Wisesolution, at the extremely reasonable price, which you can select as per your business requirements.

Wisesolution – The Best Windows Reseller Hosting Provider

As you are looking for the best windows reseller hosting, then you must go with Wisesolution. You will definitely get the best and cheap windows reseller hosting plans than anywhere across the nation. It proves to be a good business model to have the service of window reseller hosting plans.

Window Reseller hosting is usually like a boon to the people involved in web development and consulting fields. It is more profitable to web developers by providing additional services of web hosting to their clients.

Wisesolution can help you a lot while using such plans since it has some unique features and services which makes it one of the top tech brands of the nation.

It also provides you additional services at reasonable rates which you must check out. The following are some additional services it provides.

  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Virtual Servers

And has much more apart from the tough competition with the fast and impressive services with talented technicians that are ready for you to available 24/7. Wisesolution also serves you the website developing facilities.

 Well, you can visit us at support@wisesolution.in to explore what much more we can do.


It can be a profitable startup to get window reseller or windows reseller web hosting as your next business model. With the massive number of online services on the web, techies are looking to manage their own server, it will be a safe and efficient way to sustain themselves on online platforms. It is now common that everyone wants an unshared server so it may be a great opportunity for your next business model. You can go with the most trusted and reliable tech giants like Wisesolutions so that you can have your new business startup with more confidence and reliability with window reseller web hosting services. It guarantees you world-class services at your home. Wise solution will take care of the hardware and software that you need for setting up the server, you can emphasize to take your clients and their specific needs without having any requirement of complex clusters of dedicated servers hosting for which you may pay the additional cost. Wisesolution will take care of all your future technical problems/faults of the window reseller web hosting plans it offers.

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